New Online Rummy Game Rules and Features at Adda52

To make their Rummy game play more user friendly Adda52 keeps updating its rules and feature list. In the near past the site has come up with some of the most effective updates and new game features that have been appreciated by all its players and online card gaming world. Now, after researching for a while, team Adda52 has decided to introduce some other features for its online Rummy players. Continue reading

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Adda52 Launches Special 50K Relay & 1 Lac Main Event

This season, chase your passion for online rummy with Adda52. The site has launched two of its huge prize rummy tournaments. With small buy-in of Rs.10 only, you can win up to 50k by participating in ‘50k Relay Rummy’ tourney. The satellite for this tournament is starting from 1 August and the finale will take place on 16 August at 10 PM. Continue reading

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Poker Patriot Series – India’s Biggest Online Poker Series

Are you looking for an extra zing in your Independence Day celebration this season?, India’s biggest online poker site is the perfect place to head to with their Poker Patriot 15 Lacs Series. It is a two event poker tourney wherein players stand a chance to win from a prize pool of Rs. 15 Lakhs. The whopping sum to be won has already intrigued the poker lovers across India. Continue reading

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Adda52 Ties Up With Optimove

Big news for Adda52 fans. India’s largest online poker website has partnered with the World’s Leading Marketing and Customer Retention Software Service Provider – Optimove. The collaboration is the first for an Indian gaming site with the Israel based company known to provide software solutions for customer relations and marketing activities to sites like 888 Poker, the international poker room.  Continue reading

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Not to Be Discussed

Poker is usually considered a shady & smoky game but in reality, it is pretty much like any other social game. The game not only offers you the potential for financial gain, but also encourages intellectual and social stimulation. A good poker game is not only about the hands being played, but also the joy, atmosphere and conversation at the table throughout the game. However, you need to avoid a few topics that should not be discussed. Continue reading

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Poker Cheat Psychology

Poker is a game of careful observations & wise decisions. One needs to be a keen observer to be a finest poker player. Usually, we are so used to playing poker at home with friends & family that we often forget the fact that in the real world there are cheats who play just to swindle other players out of their money. Continue reading

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The Shuffle Trouble

Playing card games has always been a great fun activity. But what makes it more interesting is the ability to play the cards you are dealt & the imperative act of shuffling cards. Hosting a card game or any such event needs you to be a good card shuffler.  As not all of us are professional dealers at poker rooms of Vegas, who make shuffling look easy, even the simplest shuffling techniques seem to be difficult at first. Continue reading

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How Poker Chips Are Made?

Poker has always been viewed as a smoky & shady card game & is usually associated with back alleys. But in the past few years, this intriguing game has evolved a lot & has emerged as one of the popular games of the mainstream. Continue reading

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Exciting WSOP 2014 Facts

The 45th World Series of Poker (WSOP) is all set to sweep you off your feet from May 27th 2014. This time, the tournament will be held in Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. While Vegas is going to feel the thrill and enthusiasm which is usually associated with any of the biggest poker fests of the year, it also offers you a unique flavour of freshness in its most anticipated Main Event ($10M guarantee), which is bigger than the $1M Big One event for One Drop. Beside this, this time there will be 65 WSOP Bracelets up for grabs. Undoubtedly this season is going to be heart throbbing for all poker lovers. Continue reading

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